Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 29

Coming off my Saturday into Sunday morning night shift I always love the drive home.  The roads are clear of cars and the drive is almost peaceful.  While stopped filling up my gas tank I was also treated to these beautiful clouds in the bright blue sky this warm and humid day morning here in Phoenix. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 28

Just finished my first workshop as I continue as I pursue my passion for photography! It was a 101 class but I walked out having some dots connected (you can only do so much self teaching) and also feeling reinvigorated to keep shooting!  I also made the leap to shoot I am sure more memory will be in my near future.  I also have my eye on my new piece of glass, a 50 mm f/1.8 lens.  These pictures I took RAW, did minimal editing in Lightroom and took all in manual.  They are also just practice shots after class just to keep shooting until it all becomes "boring and repititious" :P

f/3.5  ISO 400  1/320

f/4.5  ISO 800  1/250

Week 27

This is a photo of a beautiful women I currently know fighting breast cancer.  A friend made her a bracelet signifying her journey. 

Week 26

Colorado was filled with smoke...why?  The Waldo Canyon Fire had started the day that I arrived in Colorado Springs.  The week was spent in disbelief watching the beautiful mountains become ravaged with fire and eventually enter the city Tuesday evening. 
Colorado Native

The fire brought spectacular sunsents
Listening to the EMS radio chatter Tuesday night when the fire spread into the city...surreal.

Hummingbird at Royal Gorge Bridge

Week 25

This week (June 17-23) we embarked on a roadtrip through Yosemite NP, Death Valley NP, Zion NP, Bryce Canyon NP and ended in Colorado hiking Mt. Bierstadt with my Dad to celebrate his 46th birthday.  Here are a couple captures from that week.

Week 24

This week our church celebrated their 4th Anniversary together at Steve and Julies house. The theme was a Hawaiian luau and it was a lot of fun!

Week 23

After getting home Indiana this was a week spent unpacking, cleaning and working...with no photographs!