Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 13

This weekend Rob and I were able to join our friends for a Sunday afternoon at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  I knew I would probably love this place, but wow, I REALLY loved it.  So much, I am considering a membership.  Here are some of the photos captured that afternoon:

Week 12

by Rob McFarren

by Rob McFarren
Guest post!  I had to share the images my husband captured last week while on a hike with the pup while I was sleeping after a night of work.  I am going to make a book at the end of year of this blog and I wanted to make sure these photos were in there.  He really captured some great photos Sonora while also making sure the beauty of his surroundings were included.  Nice job, Rob!

Week 11

Well, this week I worked 84 hours...seven straight twelve hour shifts!  To say the least, I didn't get out to take any pictures.  Lots of things are starting to bloom and we had a couple rainy days which made for some beautiful sunsets but I kept forgetting to grab my little Sony Cybershot to snap some photos. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 10

Last week I shared a picture of our cat...this week Sonora makes her debut again!  Enjoying a quick break on a spring hike here in Phoenix...we are soaking up the beautiful weather before the heat hits.