Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 9

This week I was focusing on taking a picture in manual mode and practicing my spot metering and focusing.  I used our cute cat, Socrates, as my model.  He was posing and waking up from a nap and I found it so adorable. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 8

We visited Jerome, Arizona and stumbled into a kaleidoscope shop and it was so cool!  One of the people who worked there showed us how you can place the lens of your camera at the opening and I captured some pretty amazing shots!  The lens for my DSLR was too large so I captured these with my point and shoot Sony Cybershot.  Doesn't it feel like you are looking into something otherwordly?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 7

This Friday, our good friend Jeremiah from Colorado flew in to visit us for the weekend.  We had a Groupon for the new Phoenix Ale Brewery in Phoenix so we decided to check it out with him.  They have great beer!  My favorite was this Watermelon Ale that they make.  It was just the perfect mix of watermelon with beer...it was defintely not a girlie beer or overwhelming at all.  Rob and Jeremiah enjoyed their IPA and Pale Ale.  Definitely will be back and be looking for their stuff at Total Wine!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Moon

ISO 100  f/5.6  1/15
This is the first moon photograph I have ever taken.  I had tried in the past but always with overexposed, bright results that showed no detail of the moon at all.  I came across a professional photogragher in Colorado Springs and he conducted a class on how to take moon pictures.  I wasnt able to attend the livestream but I was able to read his notes for the class.  After reading them, grabbing my tripod and realizing today was a full moon...I headed out back in hope of catching a great shot.  I am quite pleased with the result, the photograph turned out better than I could hope!  Check out Paul's instruction (and website) to learn how to take one for yourself!

Week 6

ISO 800  f/5.0  1/15
This morning, I hiked to the top of North Mountain in Central Phoenix in hopes to catch a beautiful sunrise.  I was already on this side of town since I had to drop Rob off at the airport for a business trip bright and early.  This was a nice way to start the day, watching the sun rise over Phoenix.  The colors were beautiful and the air was crisp and cool.  The mountain you see off center of the picture is Squaw Peak or now referred to as Piestewa Peak.