Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 25

Barry out on the coast!
Checking out an old house with beautiful stain glass windows
My loves...Rob & Sonora...gazing at the sunset on our first night in California
Sea Glass at Sea Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California
Coastal Cemetery outside of Elk, California
Photos from our 2011 California Vacation in Point Arena, Fort Bragg, Elk, Irish Beach; California.

Week 23

Rob with his co-workers of Luis Palau Arizona CityFest at his graduation from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity.

Week 19

Guest photographer: This picture was taken by Rob, I had to share because think its such a neat photograph of our pets. We love how Sonora is in the background relaxing but always has an eye on Socrates...

Week 15

The Saguaro blooms in the Spring. Bats that are migrating through are provided nutrition by the Saguaro blooms. This photo was taken on a hike in White Tanks State Park on the Waterfall trail.

Week 14

The tree of Arizona, the Palo Verde, turns bright yellow during the Spring. One of my favorite trees in my favorite time of year in Phoenix. This tree stands next to the road where I live.